Rotherham Kitemark

What is the Kitemark?

rotherham-volunteer-kitemarkThe Kitemark is a quality mark that we have developed, in partnership with Rotherham Together Partnership, to highlight the good practice amongst local volunteer involving organisations.  It has seven standards to it, which cover; policies and procedures and how you support and manage volunteers.

There are also a couple of further standards in addition to the seven, where organisations can show added value in relation to how organisations value both their volunteers and the people who manage them. These two additional standards make up the Kitemark Plus element of the quality mark.

We have a panel of three assessors made up from the voluntary and community sector and statutory sector, who will score applications and ultimately award the Kitemark to organisations.  If organisations achieve the Kitemark, or Kitemark Plus, they will be awarded a framed certificate and are free to use the Kitemark logo in any publicity relating to their organisation, to highlight that they have excellent volunteer management systems in place.

What do you need to submit?

Less than you think!   We just require you to submit a portfolio (hard copy) prior to the panel date (see panel dates below), which clearly evidences each of the seven standards (Kitemark), or nine (Kitemark Plus).

It’s likely that you will already have developed some of these documents, so will just need to include them in your  portfolio.   Others may take some more time to evidence, or amend.   Some sections may require you to include a ‘narrative’, which might just be a few lines explaining how you meet the standard and backing up evidence that you have included.   It’s really helpful if you clearly mark each section (standard) 1 – 7, (or 1 – 9 for Kitemark Plus), as this  makes it a lot easier for us to assess your portfolio.  Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any queries about any of the standards.

What support is available? 

You can always phone, or e-mail us if you get stuck and have any queries about any of the standards, but we also run a quarterly, free Kitemark workshop, where we talk through each of the criteria in turn and give examples of evidence that you could use.   It’s a two and a half hour workshop, delivered at Voluntary Action Rotherham (please see the workshop dates below).    All places need to be booked –

Kitemark Workshops 2017                                                    Kitemark PANEL Dates        

                                                                                                       Wednesday 9th August 2017

Wednesday 23rd August 2017 (9:30am – 12:00pm)                     Tuesday 24th October 2017

Thursday 23rd November 2017 (9:30am – 12:00pm)                     Tuesday 16th January 2018


For more information about the Kitemark, or to request a Kitemark pack, please contact Kerry McGrath on Tel: 01709 834451 or e-mail:

Wall of Fame – Kitemark Achievers (2014 – 2016):                Kitemark Achievers 2017:

  • Voluntary Action Rotherham                                                   Your organisation could be listed here!  Request a pack today!
  • Swinton Lock Activity Centre
  • SAFE@LAST                                                                                                     
  • RUCST  (Rotherham United Sports Trust)                                Tassibee
  • Victim Support Rotherham                                                       RMBC Community Justice Panels 
  • South Yorkshire Police                                                              SYCIL (South Yorkshire Centre for Inclusive Living)                                                                                
  • Rotherham Hospice                                                                   Age UK Rotherham 
  • South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue


    (Julie Hodgkinson, receiving the Kitemark certificate for Rush House)

  • REMA (Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance)
  • Shiloh Rotherham
  • Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
  • Crossroads Care, Rotherham
  • Rush House
  • Crisis Skylight
  • Doncaster Independent Visitor Scheme
  • Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice
  • Yorkshire Air Ambulance                                                   
  • MHA (Methodist Homes Aged)