Adult Services Consortium

Linking_LeavesGiving the Voluntary Sector a Voice

The ASC is a consortium of 30+ voluntary and community sector groups and organisations with an interest in adult health and social care services whose aim is:

  • To improve the quality of life of adults in Rotherham, especially disadvantaged groups
  • Develop a unified strategic voice to influence delivery of adult health and social care services in Rotherham
  • Act as a mechanism for two way consultation, channelling information, ideas and perspectives to and from policy makers/funders/regulatory bodies and front line health providers
  • Exploit networking opportunities to share good practice, intelligence, knowledge and skills
  • Identify opportunities for collaborative/partnership work

What are the benefits of joining the Adult Services Consortium?

  • Strengthened voice and influence
  • Peer support and networking opportunities
  • Synergies: learning from each other, sharing good practice, more effective service delivery
  • Facilitating effective communication
  • Image, profile and collective identity
  • Improved opportunities for collaboration

For further information please contact Janet Milnes.