Bite Size Resources

Does your VCS organisation need a quick bite size look at information to help you decide how to move forward? Look no further, these key pieces of information could be the resources you need.

For a quick guide to VCS legal structures:

VCS Organisation Legal Structures

Do you wish to know more about the importance of having a structure for your VCS organisation or group? This resource is a useful starting point:

Why is it important to have a structure for your voluntary and community sector organisation?

Useful key points about starting a volunteer group:

Starting a Volunteer Group

This resource is useful for VCS organisations to answer key questions about what constitution is and why it is needed:

What a constitution is and why it is needed

Are you interested in registering your charity with the Charity Commission but don’t know where to start? This bite size document will point you in the right direction:

Registering a Charity

This bite size resource is a brief introduction to the reasons why groups may wish to become a registered charity and some of the legalities to consider:

Why Become a Registered Charity

This resource is aimed at supporting your formation of a Community Interest Company (CIC):

Forming a CIC

This resource is aimed at supporting the formation of a Co-op or Mutual:

Forming a Charitable Co-op or Mutual

This resource is aimed at supporting the formation of a Social Enterprise:

Forming a Social Enterprise

This resource is aimed at supporting the formation of a Charitable Trust:

Forming a Charitable Trust

What is expected of your management committee:

Committee Roles and Responsibility

How much impact does social investment have in financial terms:

Social Return on Investment

Why are reserve funds important:


Key points to consider when setting up a group bank account:

How to set up a Group Bank Account

Power Point presentation looking at a little more depth in how to set up a group bank account:

Presentation – How to set up a Group Bank Account

Bid writing explained:

General Guide for Bid Writing

This guide will support your organisation with what information to include and not to include on your Awards for All application and how to monitor your project:

Guide to writing Awards for All funding bid

This resource is for VCS organisations who have successfully applied to Awards for All funding and would like support on managing, monitoring and evaluating the use of the grant:

Guide to what happens after Awards for All funding is awarded

This bitesize resource identifies some of the most common mistakes made on funding applications and how to avoid common errors:

Application for funding – most common mistakes

Is your charitable group in need of funds and wish to try an approach other than a funding application? This resource may hold the perfect solution:

Fundraising Information for Groups

Is your VCSE struggling to find enough funds to support your project? This simple guide may be the solution:

Where to Start Your VCSE Funding Search

Do you perceive your organisation mission not to be as popular as others and feel overlooked by some in the community who have more heart for other projects? This resource could help you develop ideas to generate more support for your project:

How to generate funds and support for less popular projects

This bite size resource is for organisations who wish to fundraise and are unsure of the best way to approach potential donors:

The skills required in a fundraiser

This resource will help you understand regulations around the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS):

Fundraising Preference Service (FPS)

This resource looks at holding, moving and receiving funds safely for your VCS organisation:

Holding, moving and receiving charitable funds safely

How do you know if your planned project is likely to be successful:

Feasibility Studies

Key information about inter sector contracts:

Community Sector Contracts with Public Bodies

Would your VCSE like to self assess your groups Financial Management? Why not try our free bite size toolkit?

Financial Management Self Assessment

Would your VCSE like to access a health check to review your governance procedures. Why not try our free bite size toolkit?

Self Assessing Governance Quiz

Does your VCSE need support to plan an event?

Essential information for groups holding events – Planning

Does your VCSE need support to manage risks, health and safety for an event?

Essential information for groups holding events – Managing the risks

Does your organisation wish to build relationships within the sector or with business outside of the sector? This resource investigates building this type of interaction:

Building organisation relationships

This resource looks at why service gaps exist and includes useful information about where to find support for your VCS organisation when those service gaps are noticed:

Charities and stakeholders

Do you wish to assess your impact on social and environmental wellbeing? These CSR resources look at making efforts with ethical reason in corporate citizenship which go beyond the requirements of regulators or environmental protection groups:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for organisations

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for business

This simple resource is quick guide about assessing outcomes of a service within the volunteer and community sector:

Evaluation and impact

Do you wish to use social media to promote your project but don’t know where to start? This resource looks at social media platforms available:

So you think you want to use Social Media

Do you need land or building assets to get your Rotherham based project moving? RMBC’s asset transfer scheme may be the perfect solution:

Asset Transfer

This resource is for VCS organisations that wish to insure against foreseeable risk within their project and are not sure where to start:

Insurance for VCS organisations

This resource is for VCS organisations who wish to take their marketing to the next level.

Marketing Presentation


If you have read any of these documents and would like to discuss any information in more detail with our experienced Triage team, please email or telephone 01709 726891.