Business Growth Board

Rotherham Business Growth Board

The Rotherham Business Growth Board provides leadership for a range of issues relating to business growth and the Rotherham economy, it leads and drives delivery of Rotherham’s Economic Growth Plan. 

The Business Growth Board reports to Rotherham Together and has a number of focused sub groups to support implementation and project delivery.

VCS Representatives on the Economy Board

There is currently 1 VCS representative on the Economy Board:

Julie Adamson 

Voluntary Action Rotherham


Meeting dates, Agendas, Minutes and Feedback

The Economy Board meets every 6 weeks.

Agendas for each meeting will be circulated in advance (where possible) through the VAR e-bulletin. If you want to get an issue raised at these meetings, please contact the rep above.

If you would like to see the agendas of previous meetings please see below.

1st July 2016                 8am    Agenda

24th Febraury 2016    8am     Agenda

9th December 2015     8am     Agenda