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The Rotherham Place Leadership Team: ‘What could a good falls and frailty offer look like for Rotherham?’
28 February 2024 at 10:00:00

The Rotherham Place Leadership Team has commissioned a review of falls and frailty support as:

• Rotherham has an extensive falls and frailty offer that could be more joined up.

• There are opportunities to review this including learning from good practice elsewhere to provide a more holistic and integrated approach.

A number of workshops have already been held to review what Rotherham services and pathways are currently in place that support people with frailty.

Work is now underway to look at ‘What a good falls and frailty offer could look like for Rotherham’

- How will we get there?

- Who needs to be involved?

- When will we do this?

A workshop is to be held on 28 February 2024 10.00am to 11.30am on MS Teams and representatives from health, social care and voluntary and community services across Rotherham will be invited.

Join on your computer, mobile app or room device: Click here to join the teams meeting

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