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Buildings Supervisor / Caretaker

28 hours week
ROAR (Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance)
Job Reference:
Hours and Working Pattern:
Term of Employment:
2nd August 2024

How to Apply

Please complete the Job Application Form and the Equal Opportunities Form found on ROAR's website

Job Description

To manage Westgate Chambers floor 2 studio complex.
To maintain the building, both through general cleaning and tidying, as well as mending and
Where emergency repairs or significant improvements are required, to identify and
communicate effectively.
To secure quotes and liaise with contractors where appropriate, such as electricians.
To liaise with the landlord of the building, as appropriate.
To be available for Emergency call outs from studio tenants.
To communicate with all tenants regarding the proper use of their spaces and any repairs
To ensure the building is secure, opening and locking doors and changing door lock codes
monthly, informing all tenants of the new code in a timely fashion.
To keep a waiting list of enquiries of potential tenants and manage the letting of units, issuing
tenants their Lease carrying out inductions and where necessary, helping to collect rents.
To manage all utilities and ensure bills are accurate.
To keep a record of tenants' electricity usage.
To manage waste removal.
To assist in the installation of exhibitions.

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