Accessible Provision Fund

8th October 2018

Applications for grants ranging between £500 and £5000 are invited from faith, voluntary or community groups to widen access to mainstream activities for children and young people with SEND (Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities) aged 0-25 years, in Rotherham.

Over-arching aims of the fund

To widen access to mainstream activities delivered by voluntary, community and faith organisations to children and young people with SEND (Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities) aged 0-25 years, in Rotherham

To increase, in Rotherham the universal offer for provision for children, young people and their families and thereby reduce reliance on specialist/statutory provision.

To qualify for a grant, you need to

  • Be a faith, voluntary or community group
  • Have your own constitution and or governing document
  • Have a bank account in the name of the group / organisation applying
  • Keep accounts of how the funds spent
  • Provide monitoring reports
  • Have relevant insurances in place
  • Have required policies in place (e.g. Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities and Safeguarding)
  • Sign up to the Service Level Grant Agreement (if you want a copy of this at this stage please let us know)

Funding Criteria

  • Funding to enhance an existing (or new) activity to make it accessible for young people with SEND. (This could be an activity that is either ‘paid for’ or ‘free’)
  • Funding to enable children/young people with disabilities to access universal / mainstream provision
  • Must demonstrate the need for the funding in order to meet the aims of the fund
  • Must address sustainability in the longer term (not to be used as a short term “fix.”)
  • Must state what difference the funding will make to children and young people both with SEND and those within the universal / mainstream provision
  • May be used for capital expenditure (less than £5,000) to make reasonable adjustments but the maintenance of such purchases must be built into core costs
  • Successful applications must undertake evaluation with service beneficiaries and their parents / carers (see appendix 1) and be prepared for evaluation of their service by Rotherham Parents/Carers forum and service users.

Examples of what this funding could be used for:

  • A training programme for staff around for example, the autistic spectrum so that the environment and personnel are more inclusive and accessible
  • The purchase of equipment to access an individual or group to a mainstream activity
  • Purchase of additional staffing hours to support individuals who may require higher ratios of support
  • Expenses for an established group of young people with SEND to work with mainstream providers to advise/coach them/work alongside them in improving accessibility

Amount of funding available

£20 000 total grant fund amount 2018-2019

£40 000 total grant fund amount 2019-2020

The fund will usually be administered twice a year and organisations may apply more than once in a financial year (dependent on the number of grant rounds) and/or to span the full year for an appropriate request. Grants will usually be within the £500-£5000 range. (However, amounts requested outside of this range may be considered if of sufficient quality and impact.) There will be a Service Level / Grant agreement with successful applicants; who will be required to provide quarterly and end of funding monitoring information to Voluntary Action Rotherham (VAR) which will be shared with the short breaks panel (RMBC) and Children’s Commissioning Team within RMBC.  In addition, they will need to satisfy VAR that they hold relevant insurance and up to date policies and procedures. Details of provision will be included in current directories of accessible activities, including to the ‘Local Offer’ information.

How to apply

The application form can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions regarding this grant application form or for further information please contact Shafiq Hussain – email:  tel no. 01709 834458 (please note Shafiq is on leave from 29/10 -2/11)

Closing date for applications for this ‘Round’ is Wednesday 31st October 2018