Allen Lane Foundation

25th April 2019

Allen Lane Foundation’s Social Cohesion Programme is a new funding scheme that has been established to address concerns about divisions in communities resulting from the 2016 Referendum.

Charities and other not-for-profit organisations can apply if their annual income is less than around £100,000.

The Social Cohesion programme will look to support grassroots organisations at a very local level where there are issues which identify marginalised groups of people (especially those from within the Foundation’s priorities, but not exclusively) who are excluded.

The Foundation is seeking applications from community-led grassroots groups and organisations which have a focus of work being at a very local/community level, which could be a housing estate or distinct community.

Applications will be particularly encouraged from areas of high deprivation but not exclusively.

The Foundation is keen to support communities come up with their own solutions to local issues of division.

We are open to supporting actions which are new or may have been tried before or are on-going, however, the work must have lasting benefits for those people the projects are aimed at.”


Please read the programme aimsfunding criteria and check the list of exclusions before finding out how to apply.

The funder’s maximum grant is £15,000.

The average grant size is around £5,000 to £6,000.


All applications received now, and before the early part of August will be considered in the following round – leading up to our October Trustees’ meeting.

Please apply as soon as you are ready.