Allen Lane Foundation – Social Cohesion

18th February 2019

A new programme aimed at making communities more inclusive. No amounts are given, but the Trust commonly gives grants of a few thousand pounds, with very few above £10,000.

The aim of the new programme is:

  • To proactively work towards building better community cohesion and trust, and encouraging respect and understanding in the local area
  • To proactively promote the inclusion of marginalised groups and individuals in the life of the local community
  • To fund work which breaks down barriers and tensions in the local community thereby reducing feelings of division and “them and us”.

The Foundation is seeking applications from community-led grassroots groups and organisations which have a focus of work being at a very local/community level, which could be a housing estate or distinct community. These could be areas of high deprivation but not exclusively.

Full details here. The next deadline will be the middle of April 2019.

Source: SYFAB