ASDA Foundation – Significant Local Community Projects

19th February 2019

The Asda Foundation wants to have a strong reputation for managing, co-ordinating and delivering programmes which really make a significant difference to local communities and the people who live there.

The funding is intended to support capital costs, buildings, renovations, vehicles, equipment such as computers and audio systems, etc.

Projects must make a significant difference to local communities and the people who live there and that meet the following objectives:

  • Identified opportunities, initiatives and new ways to support local communities;
  • Charity/good cause has developed a relationships with local the local store or home office at a grassroots level
  • Tackling the underlying problems in your local community
  • can apply evidence from programmes of community needs and aspirations to develop their existing model;
  • Benefits the wider community and is not just supporting a single user group
  • There is a need for this facility locally
  • Will make a real long term difference
  • Would Transform your community, improving the lives of those who live there

Who Can Apply

Registered charities and local not-for-profit organisations in the UK can apply.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Have the experience and capacity to deliver and maintain the project.
  • Have a current three to five year project plan in place.
  • Have the systems in place to ensure their finances are well managed.

How To Apply

Applications may be made at any time.

The application process is as follows:

  • Groups should first complete the online eligibility checker, which can be found on the website here.
  • Groups whose projects fit the Foundation’s guidelines and criteria should then contact their local Asda Community Champion to see if this is something they wish to support locally.
  • Applications must be approved and signed by the project co-ordinator and the General Store Manager.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Asda Foundation team. If additional information is required the Community Champion will be contacted.
  • Successful applications will be put to the board of trustees who review applications on a monthly basis.

For further details please visit the website here: