BBC Children in Need Emergency Essentials Programme

9th October 2018

This programme supports children and young people who are facing exceptionally difficult circumstances, and is delivered by Family Fund Business Services. The programme provides items that meet a child’s most basic needs such as a bed to sleep in, a cooker to provide a hot meal and other items or services critical to a child’s wellbeing.

Who can we help?

  • Vulnerable children and young people up to the age of 18 who are experiencing a crisis or emergency.
  • UK or EU citizens who are normally resident in the UK.

(Discretion may be given where a child or young person, or their family, have an asylum application under assessment or in circumstances where residency criteria is not consistent across the family unit).

A crisis or emergency means an unexpected occurrence outside of the child or young person’s control, where they are affected by issues such as domestic abuse, substance misuse, estrangement, disability, serious illness, mental health, behavioural difficulties, abuse or neglect. This list is not exhaustive.

Applications must be made by registered referrers on behalf of families, children or young people who have exhausted all other statutory funding. The programme encourages professionals from a wide range of services supporting vulnerable children and young people. The professional will need to be capable of making an assessment of need, and supervise the grant to ensure it is fully spent.

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