Beacon Workshops for Chairs leading smaller charities

7th February 2019

Bookings are now open for the third workshop from the Association of Chairs, Managing Relationships and Board Dynamics, which aims to provide you with practical guidance and tools to help you manage dynamics amongst your trustees, and between your trustees and staff or volunteers.  You can now book onto our free pilot of this workshop in Leeds or join us in Taunton.

Our series of four workshops is tackling different aspects of chairing, developed specifically for Chairs of organisations with income under £1 million.  Why not join us in 2019 for our full programme. Find out whether there is a Beacon event near you.

Bookings are also open for further venues for Strengthening your organisation, the second Beacon workshop focusing on strategy, risk and financial governance.  The next  ones  are in  Taunton, Newcastle, Manchester, and Cornwall.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Big Lottery Fund our online and written resources are free and our workshops only cost £20.  To secure your place, you will need to join the programme.   Travel bursaries are available to support with the cost of travel for organisations with an income under £100k.