Black History Month at REMA

1st October 2019

During October Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance (REMA) will be celebrating Black History Month by bringing together a planned programme of events and workshops with a range of impressive and inspirational speakers. Here’s a few things happening in October ……

Workshop 1. Dismantling Racism Workshop

Saturday 5th October 11.30am at the Unity Centre. This workshop will last around 4 hours.

Workshop delivered by Anu Priya

During the workshop, Anu will touch on four main areas – race, racism, privilege and ally ship. She gently, but necessarily, challenges assumptions, questions conditioning and provides a space to have honest conversations. The workshop is designed to give people a space in which to explore their relationships to the topics above and work to be actively anti-racist.

Workshop 2. What is White Privilege?

Unity Centre Thursday 10th October 6.30pm – 7.45pm

Workshop delivered by Annalisa Toccara

Annalisa’s talk and follow-on workshop will explore what is meant by ‘whiteness,’ unpack the existence of white privilege and white fragility as well as draw on Annalisa’s current research of the experiences of Black women working in British journalism.  Participants will learn what bias and micro-behaviours are as well as how this is played out in their daily lives.

Workshop 3. On my own side, and why all women should be.

Unity Centre Wednesday 16th October 1.00pm – 4pm.

Workshop delivered by Tchiyiwe Chihana

Tchiyiwe’s talk and follow-on workshop will chronicle her own journey through her African and Black British identity, the challenges, successes and how she has navigated finding and creation of spaces of representation. Participants will then explore and chart their own journeys and identify barriers to their aspirations.

All events are free , but booking is essential through or phone 01709 720744

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