British Red Cross launches new project to support VCS organisations and local asylum seekers

31st January 2019

Support for asylum seekers:

Information Sessions

  • We will offer, organise and deliver Information Sessions to asylum seekers about the asylum journey, their rights and responsibilities and where to go for help.  We aim to increase confidence about their entitlements and what they can expect during their asylum journey.
  •  Support and promote integration by delivery of information sessions designed to help adjust to life in their new communities and the many cultural differences they may experience.


  • We offer one-to-one support for asylum seekers who have been dispersed to Rotherham and are interested in volunteering and who do not have the skills and/or confidence to apply independently.
  • We help beneficiaries to identify their skills, interests and the kind of volunteering they want.  We can then support them through the recruitment process.

Support for community organisations:

  • We offer Awareness Raising sessions to local community, faith based groups and voluntary and statutory organisations about the asylum process and the challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers – dispelling myths and promoting greater understanding and improving community cohesion.
  • Support local organisations who would like to offer more volunteering opportunities to asylum seekers. We can help you to understand and remove the barriers faced by asylum seekers and help your organisation to become more diverse and inclusive.

You can:

  • Find out more about hosting an Awareness Raising session within your organisation
  • Discuss how we can help you to promote volunteering for you amongst our beneficiaries
  • Refer an asylum seeker to us
  • Find out more about the British Red Cross or this project.

Please contact: Susan Morley – Project Co-ordinator at British Red Cross on Tel:  0114 242 7385, Mobile:  07834 788568 or email