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Call for information - ESOL & Digital Training Delivery
13th May 2024

ESOL & Digital Training

In an effort to support people within the Borough and to make sure that we can signpost to the most appropriate VCS group, it would be really useful  to know what training is being delivered in Rotherham. 

Please could you could let know if you are delivering any training  in ESOL and Digital/IT. 

 We would like to know what training you are providing,  when and where it is being delivered and  how many people you are supporting, and if there is any additional support you need to deliver more etc.  

We would also like to know whether you are supporting any, qualifications, conversational English, digital novice, experienced, qualifications so that we can build a comprehensive directory of who is doing what and see how we can support you, your group and above all, your community.

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