Camping equipment for local communities

15th July 2019

This year, Everything is Possible will once again be salvaging good quality reusable camping equipment left behind at Leeds Festival.

Every year we pass on to local community organisations, tonnes of camping items which are left behind at Leeds Festival; equipment which has often only been used for one weekend.

How to request equipment

Complete the application form and send your application (in Word format) to by 31 July 2019. Everything is Possible will let you know if your application has been selected by the end of July.

What happens if we’re selected?

Instructions from Everything is Possible:

  1. One week before the collection date, we will send you all practical info you need to collect your equipment.
  2. Our volunteers will pick the best camping gear for you after the festival.
  3. If selected you will just have to come on Tuesday 27 August, between 11am and 1pm, with a big vehicle to pick up your order!

We will just charge £25 for the Salvage Package, which include a maximum of 5 tents and a few sleeping bags, mats, camping chairs, pairs of wellies to fill a builder bag! You can also order some extra tents. Donations will help us to pay for meals for the volunteers who will be spending the day picking up your camping gear.