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21st May 2020

Infrastructure Groups come together to provide better support to the Community Sector

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A group of infrastructure groups and regional bodies, dedicated to ensuring the resilience and development of community and voluntary organisations, have come together to strengthen their support for the sector during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Community and voluntary groups have long been a vital resource for communities and are needed now more than ever. Food banks, shelters, crisis support groups, mental health services and many more organisations are responding to huge demand for their services and are working tirelessly to ensure people are supported.

The sector has adapted quickly and effectively but is also facing new issues, financial pressures, and an uncertain future.

In response, eight infrastructure charities and regional bodies have joined forces to ensure that the support available is meeting demand. South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation, Barnsley CVS, Voluntary Action Doncaster, Voluntary Action Rotherham, Voluntary Action Sheffield, South Yorkshire Funding Advice Bureau, the Sheffield City Region and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Integrated Care System are working together in partnership with the University of Sheffield.

As a first step, they have launched a survey for community sector groups to complete about how they have adapted during Covid-19 and to detail the problems they currently face.

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