CEO of RDASH Volunteering with Alzheimer’s Society as part of #countmein Rotherham Volunteers Month

23rd June 2014

Last week (June 2014) saw Christine Bain join our #countmein campaign for Rotherham Volunteers Month. After the session Christine reflected on her experience.

Well, I had a great afternoon at the Dementia Cafe at MyPlace.  Helen from the Alzheimer’s Society and her band of volunteers made me really welcome.  I was able to spend some time chatting to those present, and their carers and also do a bit of Q & A relating to memory services, continuing care and referral routes!!  I served a few cups of tea but the best part by far was the opportunity to put on my tea-dancing shoes and accept the invitation to have a bit of a dance with a very charming gentleman who loved the entertainment so much he needed a rota of willing ladies to be his dance partners!!!

Seriously, it was great to spend a bit of time with others, provide some care and support and also provide a little bit of signposting for individuals who are facing huge challenges in their lives.  I recognised beyond doubt the added support offered by the voluntary and community based services which make up the patchwork of services we offer for those who are living with Dementia, and how important the socialising role is that they play alongside the more formal diagnostic and treatment services offered by health and social care.

Thanks to VAR for organising and definitely see you again next year!

Helen Hermoso from Alzheimer’s Society also commented:

At the Memory Café at MyPlace on Thursday we had a fantastic afternoon. We had one of the largest groups. Chris was a great help and she managed to speak to most of our clients. She was very approachable and helpful.

She also joined in with the singing and dancing, and left having thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.

We really enjoyed her company, and would love for her to return, anytime

Christine is pictured below dancing with one of the participants.



If you are interested in volunteering with any of the groups featured during Rotherham Volunteers Month contact the Volunteer Centre on 01709 834464