Changes to Sport England small grants

6th November 2018

The fund gives grants up to £10,000 for projects to help more people (mainly 14yrs+) get involved in sport and physical activity.

The application form is now easier to complete and they have relaxed a few rules about what cannot be funded.

You can spread your funding over three years, if required. They will also contribute to bigger projects.

If you have any questions about the scheme, contact them at or 0345 850 8508, 8am-8pm on weekdays.

They will also be doing more to support organisations who traditionally do not seek funding from us but who are able to support inactive people become active. Sports they support include rambling, Boccia and darts.

More details here. It’s an online process, and you can print off pages as you go to discuss with group members.

Source: SYFAB