Children in Need Funding Awarded to YMCA ‘Where I Belong’ Project

19th August 2019

YMCA Rotherham is delighted to announce that they have been awarded a Children in Need Main Grant.

£119,200 has been granted for a three year project that will allow YMCA Rotherham to expand on their current youth offer, reaching out & engaging more young people, in a new group work programme. The project will provide much needed support from the YMCA Rotherham’s Myplace Centre to young people in the Eastwood and Rotherham town centre areas, as well as further across the borough.

Young people have played a huge part in shaping this project. The Myplace Steering Group have advocated on behalf of their peers, working with youth workers and volunteers to develop ideas, so that the project complements the community it sits in and offers additional engagement and support opportunities to young people who will benefit from it the most. The ’Where I Belong’ project, aims to give young people a sense of belonging and identity while reducing social isolation and increasing young people’s resilience, with creativity, positive relationships and group work at its core. The name of the project came naturally, as young people who regularly attend the YMCA Rotherham’s Myplace Centre say that it ‘feels like home’.

The project will provide four groups per week to children and young people aged 10-18 years old, with gender and age appropriate groups, so that children and young people engage at their own level and get the most out of the programme. The grant will also enable YMCA Rotherham to expand their current youth and community staff team, recruiting a new Youth Project Coordinator and Youth Project Worker.

In the coming weeks young people on The Myplace Steering Group will be working alongside the Youth and Community Team to ensure that the very best candidates are recruited to the project, they’ll plan with new members of staff launch events and they’ll ensure that children, young people and the wider community know all about what they can get involved in through the YMCA ‘Where I Belong’ project.

Mario Gabor (17) Youth and Community Apprentice said “This kind of project has been needed for a long time, because we get a lot of hate crime around here, because people are from different cultures and backgrounds. It will help young people who struggle with reporting hate crime, or are worried about being alone, because they can come here and meet other children and young people who might have the same problems.”

Emily Fletcher (12) regularly attends the Junior Youth Club at the YMCA Rotherham’s Myplace Centre and added “I’d like to attend the groups; I love art and using my creativity!”

YMCA Rotherham would like to take this opportunity to thank partners and community members for their on-going support, but especially to those who support BBC Children in Need & enable local community projects like ours to take place, making a genuine difference to those they reach out and engage with.

For any further information please contact Nicola Harding, Youth and Community Manager, using the following contact information: