Deprivation and homelessness identified as top need areas in South Yorkshire

11th October 2018

The second annual report by South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation surveyed local people for their opinions and experiences of community needs.

Combined with the latest statistics nationally and from local authorities, the Vital Signs report 2018 reveals high levels of deprivation, visible homelessness and lack of affordable housing for South Yorkshire residents as top concerns.

The report also identified Strong Communities (i.e. life satisfaction, loneliness levels) and Healthy Living as the other top priorities.

As a grant-making charity, we have a responsibility to ensure our funding is going to the most prominent needs in our communities and where it can have the most impact. Through our Vital Signs reporting, we understand the issues local people are facing so we can work to support communities to tackle them effectively.

Read the full report here >

Vital Signs reporting is undertaken each year by Community Foundations across the UK. You can find out more about the results in other regions, here