Employability Day 2019

8th May 2019

ERSA‘s fourth UK Employability Day will take place on 28th June. Organisations across the country will join the celebration for those supporting people into work. It is an opportunity to shout about your achievements, drive understanding across local stakeholders and raise public awareness about what you do at the frontline.

Employability Day 2019 will take place during a pivotal year in British politics. It provides the perfect platform for organisations to showcase the importance of employment support for social inclusion and productivity.

The day is an opportunity for employment support organisations and employers to celebrate their hard work supporting people to enter or progress in employment. It allows them to shout about their success and drive understanding across key stakeholders at local, regional and national level.

Any organisation that supports people to enter or progress in work can get involved in Employability Day, including charities, businesses, employers, social enterprises, local authorities, housing associations and community groups. Last year, over 700 organisations took part.

Find out how to get involved here