End of intervention at Rotherham Council

28th March 2019

Rotherham Council’s period of government intervention formally comes to an end this weekend, the Secretary of State for Local Government has confirmed.

Last September Ministers removed the three remaining Commissioners from the Council, but required a further independent health check of progress before the planned end of the intervention period.

In their review, which is published for the first time today, the former Commissioners endorsed the ending of the intervention, saying “the pace of improvement across the Council has increased beyond [their] expectations, which bodes well for future prospects”, adding that “the political and managerial leadership of the Council have re-established the Council’s moral compass. There is clarity on the Council’s values and ethos and a whole council commitment to safeguarding young people. This gives confidence that the council will be vigilant in protecting the vulnerable, will avoid back-sliding or failure to address adverse issues as they arise.”

Following the health check, today the Government has published a letter confirming that the intervention will formally come to an end as planned this Sunday, 31 March.

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