Enterprise Grants

22nd November 2018

Enterprise Grants will support charities and social enterprises in England working in either the homelessness or youth sector to develop or grow their enterprising activity, earned income and financial resilience.

Organisations that are thinking of exploring new models of trading that need financial or business support. The fund is also relevant to organisations working towards taking on social investment in the future.

Whatever the type of trading you want to undertake, it must be clear that you have thought about how it will help you to become more financially resilient and how it will help to maintain/increase the social impact you have with either homeless or young people.

Funding available

Feasibility Grants

Grants of £5,000 to £10,000 to enable organisations to develop an enterprise idea into a proposed delivery plan. These grants will help you to establish whether your idea is realistic, and whether it is practical for you to develop it further.

Development Grants

More substantial grants of around £50,000 are available for organisations that have established that their enterprise proposition is achievable, but require further development or scaling for it to become a reality. There may also be a requirement for further long-term investment.

Organisations that apply for either Enterprise Grant can also apply to Enterprise Learning.


Read the guidance notes before completing the expression of interest.

The grants programme will be open on a rolling basis and we expect that we will continue to be open for applications until June 2019 but the exact date will depend on levels of demand for grants.”


Email enterprisegrants@sibgroup.org.uk or telephone 020 3096 7900.