Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

8th November 2019

The foundation offers funds across five main sectors to unlock and enable potential, back the unorthodox and unfashionable, build collective networks and catalyse system change. Charitable sectors they support include :

  • Arts
  • Children and young people
  • Environment
  • Food
  • Social change

Grants are available to support organisations core or project costs including staff salaries and overheads. In 2018 grants ranged from £5,000 to £1,000,000, with support lasting for 1-5 years.

Small grants of £60,000 or less are available for one off projects or testing out new ideas and collaboration. They do not support general running costs at this scale.

The foundation will not support organisations with a regular turn over of below £50,000 or work that is not legally charitable.


Before applying take the ‘Should I apply to Esmee Quiz’

There are no deadlines, you can apply at any time.

There is a two stage application process, full details are available on the funder website here.