FA Futsal Fund

2nd July 2019

The FA and Football Foundation have launched the FA Futsal Fund which will invest £300,000 into the development of Futsal in England.

Grants of £1,500 or £3,000 are available to develop new youth futsal leagues across the country to increase the opportunity for players to play futsal on a regular basis in a structured games programme.

Applicants can receive funding to create either one or two new youth futsal leagues. Guidance for new leagues is available.

Grants can be spent on:

  • Facility hire
  • Equipment
  • Referees/co-ordinator fees
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Affiliation and insurance fees
  • FA safeguarding and welfare courses for on-site league co-ordinators
  • FA DBS for on-site league co-ordinators
  • FA First Aid courses for on-site league co-ordinators

Who can apply?

  • County Football Associations who are running or plan to run leagues
  • Youth football or futsal leagues
  • Adult leagues setting up youth futsal provisions
  • Affiliated Clubs wishing to develop youth futsal leagues
  • PL and EFL Community Trusts
  • FA University Community Football Hubs


Read the grants criteria before you apply online.

The deadline for applications is 2 August 2019 (5pm).


Contact the Football Foundation.