Former Wath District Office, Church Street, S63 7RE – Community Right to Bid

2nd October 2018

The former Wath District Office is registered as an asset of community value. Notice under section 95(2) of the Localism Act 2011 has been received (as of 1 October 2018) and a decision to dispose of the former Wath District Office has been made. As per the procedures set out under the Act the following moratorium periods shall apply giving community interest groups an opportunity to register as a potential bidder for the site.

  • Interim moratorium – 6 weeks from 1 October 2018 ending 12 November 2018.
  • Full moratorium – 6 months from 1 October 2018 ending 1 April 2019.
  • Protected period – 18 months from 1 October 2018 ending 1 April 2020.

Please note that the full moratorium period will only apply if a written request to be treated as a potential bidder is made by a community interest group. Should you wish to register your interest as a potential bidder, please do so in writing within the interim moratorium. Please address the letter to the Estates Manager with the reference CRTB10015 clearly stated on both the envelope and letter. Letters are to be returned to the Council’s Riverside House office.

For further information and guidance on the matter please go to:

All queries to be directed to the Estates Team on 01709 254067