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FreeTech Project Online Winter Workshops
Dec 4, 2023

The FreeTech Project is hosting ten special winter workshops online, to help adults across South Yorkshire better cope with the cost of living crisis, thanks to support from South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation Community Grants Programme, AESSEAL Charitable Trust Community First Endowment Fund For South Yorkshire.

For the winter months, FreeTech Project’s usual Tea & Tech online delivery is being replaced with a “Techsavers” theme — focused on sharing ways to utilise technology to save money, time, and waste.

Techsavers involves free weekly two-hour online IT workshops for residents of South Yorkshire aged 18 (eighteen) years and over. The workshops will start on the Fourth of December and take place on Mondays, 6.30pm-8.30pm (six-thirty PM to eight-thirty PM).

Those with a device connected to WiFi from the comfort of their own home can grab a cuppa and connect to the fun and friendly Zoom workshops that will cover such topics as:

· Improving your knowledge rather than spending on support/repairs

· Expanding the lifespan of your hardware

· Free and ethical software

· Free and ethical ways to communicate online

· Using the web to find better deals

· Social tariffs

· Spotting and avoiding scams

· Alternatives to Twitter/X and Facebook/Meta

· Home tech to keep you warm

· and much more

· (Got a specific tech problem? We’ll try and solve that too — for free, of course)

Start saving money, time, and waste! The winter workshops run Mondays, 6:30pm-8:30pm, from December 4th.

Sign up by going to:

Watch our video for an idea of what to expect:

Or just visit the website to find out more:

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