Get Into Retail with M&S

7th June 2018

If you are working with anyone aged 16-25 and interested in working in the RETAIL industry they can apply for our FREE programme where they will:

  • Gain 4 weeks work experience within an M&S store.
  • Have the opportunity to gain employment at one of the most recognised multinational retailers.
  • Have a chance to add one of the UK’s most valued brands to their CV
  • Guaranteed interview upon successful completion of programme
  • All training provided
  • Lunch paid on programme
  • Doesn’t affect their benefits
  • Boost employability skills
  • Receive up to 6 months ongoing mentoring support post programme.

Please note this programme will be run from the Meadowhall M&S store. Applicants from all of South Yorkshire & surrounding areas welcome.

A Taster Day will be held on:  Tuesday 3rd July 2018

The programme runs from:
Monday 9th July – Friday 3rd August 2018

To make a referral please use the following options:

Fill in our online referral form (Quickest & BEST way to refer):
(please also include your own details so that we are able to feedback to you)

Or the young person can text ‘Call me’ to 0798 338 541 (note that this is a text number only)

Alternatively you can contact us on: Call for free on 0800 842 842

To check a young person’s suitability you can contact me on 07436797318,

If the young person is with a job centre, we will need their support in providing travel expenses for the young person to attend the programme for the 4 weeks.

If you are referring a young person with any current or previous offences, it is mandatory that the REFERRAL FORM is completed (preferably by their Offending Manager) and returned to Sithee Kotecha ( Unfortunately if we do not have a completed REFERRAL FORM then will not be able to engage the young person(s) on the programme. Please note: It’s important to note that a criminal record will not necessarily prevent them from taking part.