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24th October 2018

People who live, work, study in and visit Rotherham are being asked about their leisure time as part of an online consultation.

The Cultural Strategy consultation – launched by Rotherham’s Cultural Partnership Board – will help shape future participation and provision in the borough.

From sports, physical activity, libraries, arts, heritage and tourism to parks, countryside and green spaces, people are being asked what they think about a range of local facilities and attractions.

The Cultural Partnership Board brings together people and agencies that care passionately about Rotherham’s future – including artists, designers, local businesses, voluntary organisations, regional agencies, and Rotherham Council.

The group has come together to create a Cultural Strategy for Rotherham that aims to help transform the borough into a better place to live, work and visit.

Chair of the Rotherham Cultural Partnership Board Cllr Sarah Allen said: “Research has shown that when people participate in sport, physical activity, the arts, when they use libraries and visit heritage sites and green spaces they can have better health, education and jobs.

“Participation brings our communities together. In Rotherham, however, participation is lower than most of the rest of the UK and we want to change that. Our key goal is for everyone to get active, get creative and get outdoors, more often. We want all our residents to really ‘like’ Rotherham, and to get the most out of cultural life in the borough.”

Rotherham-based music producer and artist Mark Fell said: “I have a firm belief in the town as an incubator of exceptional talent and innovation – one that rivals much larger cities. That is why I accepted the invitation to be part of the Cultural Partnership and to foreground the best of what Rotherham has to offer. Along with other groups and organisations our aim is to regenerate the town in a way that works for Rotherham’s communities.”

Arts Council North Director Pete Massey said: “We believe that arts and culture make life better and can shape the places where we live. We are working with Rotherham Council, and supporting the creation of the town’s Cultural Strategy, to ensure that culture plays a central role in Rotherham’s future.”

The Cultural Partnership aims to develop talent in creative, digital, cultural, leisure and tourism sectors, build stronger communities and pride in the borough, increase participation and improve health and wellbeing.

The members of the Cultural Partnership include:

  • Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust
  • Places for People Leisure
  • Rotherham United
  • RNN Group
  • Yorkshire Sport Foundation
  • Arts Council England
  • Wentworth Woodhouse Preservation Trust
  • Gulliver’s
  • Grimm & Co
  • Rotherham Open Arts Renaissance: ROAR
  • Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance: REMA

To find out more about the plans and get involved in the Rotherham Cultural Strategy consultation.

Go to the Like Rotherham webpage

Closing date for comments:  31st October 2018