Key Changes to Coalfields Community Investment Programme – Programme now open

19th March 2019

We have spent the past 2 years meeting and consulting with our member organisations across the English Coalfield regions to better understand the needs in coalfield communities. We have also reviewed several thousand funding enquiries to look for common issues and to ensure our revised Coalfields Community Investment Programme (CCIP) accurately reflects the real needs in coalfield communities whilst remaining focused on improving skills, employment opportunities and health & wellbeing.

Whilst we appreciate a funding pot of £500,000 can only go so far, the changes we have made to the Coalfields Community Investment Programme are responsive to the needs of organisations delivering services/activities that improve the lives of people living in coalfield communities.

The fundamental changes to the programme are as follows:

  • The Health theme has been expanded to include Wellbeing and will encompass projects that address food poverty, debt advice, mental health issues, substance misuse, social isolation or projects increasing participation in physical activity.
  • Eligibility: Previously funded organisations who mismanaged funds or did not submit monitoring by the agreed deadline will not be able to apply for funding for a further two years
  • Costs: New budget headings:
    • Project Support Costs: ingredients for healthy eating/social isolation projects, food for food poverty projects, transport to address barriers to participation
    • Core Costs: Up to 50% of the total costs requested from the Trust
      • Operational Costs: Insurance, rent, broadband, telephone, mobile phone contract, utilities, payroll fees, software licenses, vehicle and equipment hire costs, stationery and Disclosure & Barring Service checks
      • Administration & Management: Staff costs that provide a core support role within an organisation
  • Outcomes: one outcome in addition to Number of Beneficiaries
  • Definitions: include children and more scope for claiming Skills Development

Our offer has now reopened and all the information on registering an enquiry relating to a project is on the following page:

Please read all the information and the guidance notes carefully before deciding whether to complete the Eligibility Survey.