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Long Term Plan for Towns
29th May 2024

The results from this consultation will inform the development of the Long-Term Plan for Rotherham – and we want you to know that VAR will be doing all we can to ensure your voice is listened to and acted upon, and critically, that we feedback on developments.

As a community-driven initiative, it is crucial to involve all stakeholders in shaping the future of Rotherham. The Town Board is responsible for developing the long-term plan that includes a 10-year vision and a three-year investment plan, focusing on three key themes:

  • Safety and Security

  • High Streets, Heritage, and Regeneration

  • Transport and Connectivity

Within the consultation toolkit, there are 14 topics each with a question which asks you to rate Rotherham on a scale of 1 to 7. The prompt questions will help you consider your answer and you can also share your views on what is good or what could be better against each theme.  We would also encourage you to share the link with anyone you believe would be interested in contributing their ideas and opinions on the town centre.

For further details about the Long Term Plan for Towns visit the website here.

At VAR, we are looking to organise an in-person public consultation/engagement event in the near future which you may wish to attend, further details will be provided shortly.

Thank you for your valuable input and commitment to shaping the future of Rotherham.

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