Maths and English Functional Skills training

17th September 2019

Have you ever thought about getting back into learning?
Have you considered doing an apprenticeship?
Looking to progress your career?
Ever dreaded that simple sentence ‘Can you help me with my homework’?
Not sure where to start or who can help?

Directions can!

All apprenticeships will require you to evidence Maths and English so doing a function skills course could be a great starting place to get back in to learning.

What are functional skills?

Functional Skills are the fundamental English and Maths skills that people need for their working and personal lives. They are taught using real world scenarios to enable learners to better relate to the content and put this into use in everyday life.

Only need Maths or English and not both? No problem!
Each subject is taught separately so you can opt to do just one if that is all you need.

What would you get out of it?

• Level one is equivalent to a GCSE grade 2-3 (D-E on the old grading system)
• Level two is equivalent to a GCSE Level 4 (C on the old grading system)

How long will they take to complete?

• It would be for 9 weeks (the 9th week is the exam)

Our next sessions are due to start in October don’t hesitate, get your place booked now by emailing