Mental Health Awareness Week: research and resources

20th May 2019

For this years Mental Health Awareness Week the theme is ‘Body image – how we think and feel about our bodies.’

This topic has been researched in great detail by the Mental Health Foundation and there are lots of statistics, information and links to useful resources on its Twitter feed and on the hashtag #BeBodyKind. The organisation has published a report titled ‘Body image: How we think and feel about our bodies’, based on its research, which covers new statistics relating to body image as well as policy recommendations. You can read an executive summary of the report and you can download a full version of the report here.

Free mental health training and resources for small charities

Mind has launched a free e-learning programme designed specifically for small organisations. Mental Health for Small Workplaces is made of three modules: Building your awareness, Looking after yourself and Supporting each other. You can find a link to the eLearning and a selection of supporting resources here.

Closing the Employment Gap Toolkit & Scoping Review from the YPHP

Young people’s mental wellbeing can significantly affect their ability to apply for, obtain and maintain work. The Young People’s Health Partnership (YPHP) and partners from the Health & Wellbeing Alliance have developed a toolkit for those working with young people to support them. This includes a Closing the Employment Gap for Young People Toolkit and a Scoping Review. Please share these amongst your networks particularly organisations that support young people. You can find out more about the YPHP and its work on the website.