Minding the Gap Conference – Community, Culture and Health

17th October 2018

Minding the Gap is organising its next conference which will focus on the interconnections between Community, Culture and Health Inequalities and will be taking place in Hull (City of Culture 2017) on Tuesday the 11th December 2018.

We need to recognise the important link between communities and health. This conference will explore the current theory, evidence and practice to better health and wellbeing and ask the question ‘what keeps us healthy?’ rather than ‘what makes us ill?’ The voice of community-focused organisations and partnerships and the relationship with policy and practice has never been as important. Whilst involving communities in service design and pathways is essential, they need to be given real power to influence change.

We also need to recognise the powerful contribution the arts and culture can make to health and wellbeing and we will be hearing from some of the main protagonists behind Hull, City of Culture 2017. Engagement with the arts helps to mitigate the effects of an adverse environment by influencing maternal nutrition, perinatal mental health and childhood development; shaping educational and employment opportunities and tackling chronic distress; enabling self-expression and empowerment, and overcoming loneliness and social isolation.

The challenge is to change the wider health system and the people who work it, in order to release people’s capacity to engage in change and improvement. The conference will look at how policy makers and advisors can learn from the ‘past’ engage with the ‘present’ and build for the ‘future’.

The click on the link to the Flyer and Booking Form or to pass on for completion and return. As you will know, the conferences are usually in very high demand, therefore, it may be in your interest to complete the form as soon as practicable.