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PCC Policing and Crime Priorities Survey
Dec 29, 2023

Have Your Say on Policing & Crime Priorities

The South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has launched a consultation to seek your views on policing priorities and willingness to contribute more through your council tax to pay for policing and crime services.

As a South Yorkshire resident, it is important you have you have your say on areas of priority and any areas where you think savings can be made. You are also being asked if you would be willing to pay a small amount more to maintain policing and crime services.

The responses you provide will be used to form part of the proposal for the council tax precept (the small part of your council tax that pays towards policing and crime services) for next year.

Previous rises in the precept have been used to fund additional police officers who are now coming through the training process and are starting to be visible in your neighbourhoods.

The survey can be undertaken via this link: South Yorkshire Policing Priorities & Precept Consultation

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