Reaching Communities Funding Awarded to ‘YMCA Myplace’ Project

15th October 2018

YMCA White Rose is delighted to announce that we have been awarded a Big Lottery Fund, Reaching Communities Continuation Grant. The three year grant will allow YMCA White Rose to continue to provide high quality youth provision and much needed support to young people in the Eastwood and Rotherham town centre areas, from our Myplace centre.

Young people have played a huge role in shaping this project. The Myplace Steering Group have advocated on behalf of their peers, working with youth workers to develop ideas, so that the project complements the community it sits in. The project, which will be lovingly known as ‘YMCA Myplace’, will provide open-access youth clubs to 10-19 year olds, voice & influence opportunities through the continuation and development of the Myplace Steering Group, where young people will be able to plan and lead on their own community initiatives, as well as detached youth work in areas surrounding the centre, daily drop-ins and two apprenticeship opportunities over the three years.

Launch events will take place in early December. The Myplace Steering Group will be working hard over the next few weeks, to ensure that the launch events go with a swing, that the best candidates are recruited to the project and to ensure that their wider community know all about what they can get involved in through ‘YMCA Myplace’.

Roland Sarissky (16) & Mario Gabor (16) members of the Myplace Steering Group said “We were used to coming here every Tuesday & Thursday, when it ended we didn’t know what to do on Tuesdays & Thursdays, so now it’s back, it’s reyt good!”

Mario added “We missed the youth workers, like Nic, Levi & Vicky, because we’ve known them a long time and had a connection and confidence in them.”

YMCA White Rose would like to take this opportunity to thank partners and community members for their on-going support, but especially to those who play The National Lottery & enable local community projects like ours to take place, making a genuine difference to those they reach out and engage with.

For any further information please contact Nicola Harding, Reaching Communities Project Coordinator, using the following contact information: or 01709 837 428 for the Myplace office.