Research reveals over 5,000 isolated older people in Rotherham

21st June 2018

The people of Rotherham are being called on by Contact the Elderly, the national charity working to end loneliness and social isolation amongst older people, to step forward and help the 5024 socially isolated older people living in the Rotherham community.

Contact the Elderly, supported by partners like People’s Postcode Lottery, provides social connections for isolated older people, helping them reconnect with their community. The charity, supported by a nationwide network of 11,000 volunteers, work with thousands of the most socially isolated older people across the UK.

Research by Age UK [1] has shown that there are 5024 isolated older people living in Rotherham. This number will only rise as the Rotherham community, along with much of the UK, ages. According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of older people in the UK will rise by over two and a half million by 2026.

As the UK ages [2], increasing numbers of older people are living alone. Currently, 3.6 million older people in the UK live alone, with 2 million of these aged 75 or older. 1.9 million older people have said they often feel ignored or invisible, and two fifths of all older people say that the television is their main source of company.

Contact the Elderly is committed to reaching as many of these socially isolated older people as possible. The charity’s Head of Service for Yorkshire, Pamela Walker, said:

“We all need to help our older neighbours and ensure that all of them have the opportunity to reconnect with their community. Supported by partners like People’s Postcode Lottery, we want to extend our service in Rotherham to reach as many of these isolated older people as possible.”

Contact the Elderly needs members of the Rotherham community to step forward and help the charity reach the thousands of isolated older people living in Rotherham. Pamela Walker continued:

“To extend our service, we need help. We need the people of Rotherham to step forward and volunteer a bit of their time to help us empower their isolated older neighbours to break out of the cycle of social isolation.”

The power of Contact the Elderly’s service is revealed by surveying of the older people the charity works with. 95% told the charity that their events “give them something to look forward to” and 90% said they’d made new friends through the charity’s service.

If you’re interested in volunteering for Contact the Elderly, visit the charity’s website, or Freephone 0800 716 543.