Results of the Charity Digital Code consultation

25th October 2018

This national consultation ran from 3 July to 25 September 2018. A report based on responses received has just been published, and you can read the summary here (direct link to pdf).

The purpose of the Code is to help charities use digital to increase impact, develop skills and improve sustainability. It aims to make digital more accessible to charities of all sizes, helping them develop their skills and increase their take up of digital activity. In doing so it intends to create a level playing field for all organisations and to make charities more accessible for beneficiaries, as well as to provide new opportunities for funders to engage with digital and enhance collaboration across the sector.

Respondents liked the ambition of the code, but believe it could take time to implement. As well as resources, they requested opportunities to learn from peers and assessment tools.

The Charity Digital Code steering group is currently reviewing all feedback and will factor this into updating the Code in time for its launch on 15 November 2018.