Risks and More Risks! BUT I Need a Life!

22nd October 2018

The Friendly Resource Company, together with people with learning disabilities and people with autism, have been thinking a lot about every day risks over the past year, with the support of a grant from Awards for All.

The project called ‘Risks and More Risks! BUT I Need a Life!’ supports people to think about the life risks people take every day; and is helping people to consider how best to mitigate these risks and keep as safe as can be.

Sometimes people with learning disabilities are not allowed to take as many risks as everyone else. For the people who are allowed to take risks, we thought about how to keep safe in every day life. It’s been a big task; the more we have thought about risks in depth, the more dangers we have established.

Every day we all take risks, so through our project “Risks and More Risks! BUT I Need a Life!” we thought about how we could support each other to remember some of the things that help us keep safe. We have developed some tips to support people to think about risks when they are out and about, on their own, with friends and  family or at home – because our homes can be risky. We have also thought about the risks we take at work or on work placement, when we are at school or college and the risks we all take when we are doing new or unfamiliar things.

Our Risks workbook includes ideas about risks and how to keep safe; It also contains an easy-read quiz. If you want a copy of our risks workbook, please contact the Friendly Resource Company and we will happily send you one.

The Friendly Resource Company has also produced some film clips that help us all remember about some of the more common life risks. These clips will be useful for people with learning disabilities and/or autism, who are living independently to use as an aid memoir.

The Risks resources are good for schools, colleges or organisations to use, who are teaching life skills to vulnerable people. Please contact the Friendly Resource Company and we will send you the links to all this information. Please ring 01709 710199 on Mondays or Tuesdays or email, the team@friendlyresources.org.uk to receive the information.