Rotherham bus service changes – From 1 September 2019

27th August 2019

Rotherham bus services will change from 1 September 2019.

Reduced funding and increased costs continue to put pressure on South Yorkshire’s bus network. Although a vast majority of services are unchanged, approximately a quarter of all South Yorkshire bus services will see frequency, route or timetable revisions, including changes to improve reliability. The majority of school bus services remain unchanged.

Some of the changes are being made by bus companies for commercial reasons. Others are as a result of a reduction in the funding available for SYPTE to spend on subsidising local buses, where alternative public transport links do not exist. This, combined with the increased operating costs since tenders were last issued three years ago, has placed greater pressure on the funding received.

SYPTE takes every measure to protect the level of funding it receives for bus services. However, funding has been cut by £3.6m in the last ten years, from £10.2m in 2009/10 to £6.6m in 2019/20. Despite this, the proportion of SYPTE’s overall budget allocated to bus services has increased.

What is changing in Rotherham?

A summary of the notable changes in Rotherham is listed below:

  • Service 135 between Rotherham and Chapeltown will have a reduced service with loss of some evening and Sunday journeys due to non-award of SYPTE tender.
  • Service 220 will no longer serve Swinton Station.
  • The Parkgate Shopper service will only operate until 1330.
  • Service X7, Maltby-Whiston-Sheffield via the Parkway, will only operate at peak times on weekdays. Service X6 continues to operate.
  • Brecks Coaches will cease to operate. Additional buses on First services 135 and136 will be provided for Thorpe Hesley to Winterhill School.

The attached spreadsheet contains a full list of service changes for South Yorkshire, based on service registrations for your information. Also attached is a copy of the Rotherham Network Map and Frequency Guide for your reference.

Using the map and the summary spreadsheet you will be able to see the new routes for local buses along with a description of the changes in your area.

How is this being communicated to customers?

A summary of the changes will be available on our website at and new timetables will be available on the website approximately three weeks before the changes come into effect. Timetable information will also be displayed on all affected bus stops ahead of the changes.

For full details please click on the below attachments:

SYPTE Proposed Bus Service Changes 2019

SYPTE Rotherham All Operators Map and frequency guide