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Rotherham Friendship Lunches
21st February, 2024

Home Instead have released a schedule of their upcoming Friendship Lunches for Spring/Summer at The Brentwood, Sir Jack, The Royal Elephant, Fitzwilliam Arms Hotel and a Young At Heart social at The Drawbridge. 

A bit more info:

You can order from The Golden Years menu 2 courses for 5.99 or off the main menu

The Royal Elephant is still 7.95 for small carvery and ice-cream

Sir Jack order from main menu or a carvery

Fitzwilliam Arms 2 carveries for 15.00 or 9.00 each

We also hold a raffle and ask for £1.00 towards the cost of the singer 

You have to book your place with the venues. All the dates and info can be found on the attached PDF. 

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