Rotherham Opthalmology is Moving

15th October 2020

The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust’s Ophthalmology Department is moving to the Rotherham Community Health Centre – with an opening date scheduled for October 26.

Initial plans for the move were announced last autumn, but due to Covid-19, they were put on hold. Now, however, the builders are in and all staff members affected by the change have been briefed on their new location.

RCHC is easily accessible from Rotherham town centre, helping patients to get to their appointments without difficulty and there is plenty of parking available on site and alternative parking in the wider area.

Consultations have been held with staff about the move, which is expected to give them and the Ophthalmology Department more space to develop and enable future growth.

All outpatient appointments will be delivered at RCHC from October 26 – the only exception being emergency treatment, which will still be carried out at the Urgent and Emergency Care Centre at Rotherham Hospital.

A number of patient consultations have been held by the Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and local community groups following the announcement last year and more recently there has been further consultation with staff members.

James Hitchman, Service Manager, said the plans have been in the works for a long time. He said: “We’re excited about this move as it means our colleagues will work in a more welcoming, less cramped and more aesthetically pleasing environment all leading to an improved working environment. There will be more chance to develop a team culture as staff are located together, rather than in different areas of the hospital site.

“The town centre location also makes it easier to access local amenities during breaks or after work and there is the potential for job diversification as staff will work across the whole outpatient service, which will help increase retention and support recruitment.”