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Rotherham Pride Name the Mascot
Dec 2, 2023

We’re Beary excited to say that we have acquired ourselves a mascot in the form of an adorable 7 foot tall teddy bear, but they have no name!

We are asking the public to nominate a name on our social media and get their friends and family to like it. A name will then be chosen by the Pride Team taking into account the numbers of likes and the name its self. Please keep suggestions clean.

We can Bearly contain the excitement. A prize will be given to the winner along with the bear taking their chosen name!

Everyone is welcome to get involved. Look out for our Beary special team member out and about, starting with Pride Pals this Saturday at 1pm in the function room at The Earl Grey Rawmarsh.

We’ve also made it into the advertiser. They’ve done a brilliant article in support of Pride so keep an eye out for that too!

We hope to hear from you soon.

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