Scrutiny want your views

30th May 2019

The Council’s Cabinet takes lots of decisions every day about how to provide public services and spend money. Scrutiny commissions are made up of local councillors and their role is to make sure these decisions are taken fairly and that services are provided in the best possible way. In Rotherham we have three scrutiny commissions and an overarching Overview and Scrutiny Management Board, chaired by Cllr Brian Steele.

It is important that scrutiny reflects the needs and concerns of all who live and work in Rotherham. Each summer, scrutiny sets a programme of work for the year in order that it is looking at the most important topics and issues they want to review.

We want your input to help scrutiny councillors decide what issues should be looked at so they can better hold cabinet members to account and challenge service improvements.

Ways you can get involved:

  • You can suggest issues or concerns for scrutiny to look at in more depth (not individual complaints)
  • You can attend a meeting and ask a question
  • You can give evidence to a review, either in person or in writing

We engage with the public in lots of different ways. For example, working with the Youth Cabinet to improve mental health services, or with the Young Inspectors to share their findings and concerns about services. We also speak regularly to tenants groups and have sought the views of service users about early help and other projects.

We like to hear from you by Friday June 14th. Information about the scrutiny process and meetings is on our webpages at  You can call one of the team, on 01709 822765 or email us directly at