Small grants for getting your community on line

13th July 2018

Rotherham Federation of Communities in association with RMBC have launched their “Getting Online” small grant.

The grants awarded will be used to enable community groups in Rotherham to “get online” and find out the benefits of going online. We want the funding to be used to encourage people to ‘have a go’ or ‘try’ the benefits of going online such as online shopping, skype and Facebook. With Rotherham having a roll out of Universal Credit from 11th July 2018, being online is more important than ever.

Up to £300 is available, which might hire a room, pay for a tutor, or buy a tablet.

For more information and to apply – click here.

Alternatively telephone 01709 368515 or email

Closing date for applications Friday 27th July 2018 at 5pm.