Sponsor a flower to honour survivors of child exploitation

8th August 2018

1400 flowers

On behalf of Swinton Lock Activity Centre and our service users I would like to invite you to attend and participate in a very special event here at the Lock.

4 years on from Alexis Jay’s report, which identified that a conservative estimate of 1400 children had their childhoods destroyed through abuse in Rotherham we would like to provide an opportunity for everyone to come together and celebrate the progress and determination of our community to move forward and honour those affected, their families, friends and all those who have felt the impact of this revelation.

Swinton Lock Activity Centre has offered services to some of these children – now young adult survivors and their family members using a number of therapeutic interventions. One of the interventions that has been recognised as having a powerful impact is art in all its mediums.

To celebrate the strength, tenacity and survival of these people, we are asking members of the public and other organisations to sponsor a flower at a minimum suggested donation of £2.00.
Donations can be made via our website and Facebook donate button quoting ‘Flower’ or by contacting the centre on 01709 578778 or emailing info@swintonlock.org.uk

All flowers will be made by survivors, their families, service users and volunteers.
Our initial aim is to have 1400 flowers sponsored, however in recognition of the impact on parents and carers, we would like to double that figure.

On the 26th August 2018, the anniversary of Professor Jay’s report, Swinton Lock Activity Centre will be opening its doors to celebrate their strength.
Our Art Gallery will be ablaze with a range of handmade mixed media flowers and images.

The day will also consist of other activities, developed in celebration.
All donations will go towards the production of the flowers and continuing the work Swinton Lock Activity Centre is doing.

To continue celebrating we will be offering refreshments on the day.

A warm welcome awaits and we value your participation in whatever way you are able.

Thank you.