Stovewood Trauma and Resilience Service (Rotherham and South Humber NHS Trust)

9th July 2018

The Stovewood Service is a new venture aimed at supporting historical victims of Childhood Sexual Exploitation who are in the process of seeking justice through the National Crime Agency. The service is primarily consultative and taking a whole system approach to the understanding of the impact of complex trauma in order to support victims and their families though the emotional demands of the criminal justice system. Whilst the service is focused upon consultation to the professional network we are also hoping to pilot time limited support/ interventions to victims and their families who might benefit from help in relation to their emotional well-being but who do not meet the threshold or need traditional mental health services. It is hoped that this work would be provided within a partnership arrangement with RDASH and a relevant voluntary sector organisation.

Expressions of interest are invited from voluntary sector organisations in Rotherham to provide support workers. The agency will already have a proven commitment to providing support for victims of CSE and have a genuine willingness for partnership working; especially with mental health services.  They will be interested in this innovative inter-agency collaboration and able to value the development opportunities for staff and organisational development. The Stovewood Trauma and Resilience Service will provide opportunities for specialist supervision and guidance for support workers assigned to the service and training opportunities for the agency as a whole in relation to trauma and resilience.

Funding equivalent to approximately one full time support worker in hours is available until April 2019 in the first instance. This may potentially be split between organisations. This is a sub-contracting arrangement where the support workers would remain within the employment and governance arrangements of the voluntary sector provider but would work in cooperation with the Stovewood service.Expressions of interest are invited giving a brief overview of current service commitments to adult CSE victims and their families and costs and hours available.

Informal discussions are welcome; applications would be appreciated by 23rd July 2018.

For discussion please contact Dr Janine Cherry-Swaine, Stovewood Trauma and Resilience Service Lead on 01709 304 808

Please send applications to Dianne Graham