Suicide prevention in Rotherham – Be The One

19th September 2019

What is the ‘Be The One’ campaign?

Be the One is Rotherham’s suicide prevention campaign. Created by NHS Rotherham Clinical Commissioning Group and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, it is about creating a social movement in Rotherham that:

  • raises awareness amongst the general population of how to help individuals in emotional distress and experiencing suicidal thoughts
  • raises awareness of the types of mental health support available for those in need
  • supports the reduction of suicide rates in Rotherham

Suicide prevention

Every death by suicide is a tragedy. The effects can reach into every community and have a devastating impact on families, friends, colleagues and wider society. Suicide prevention is a high priority for Rotherham. As is the trend nationally, men are far more likely to die by suicide than women in Rotherham, however, we are seeing a number of female suicides. For various reasons, people who die by suicide may not be in contact with services that can help them, which is we are launching a campaign to get the message out there that anyone can help a person who is at risk of suicide.

Who are we working with?

The campaign aims to raise awareness in the general public as well as specifically targeting men in Rotherham. We will be working with a wide range of groups, services and organisations to deliver our messages, from employers, the voluntary sector and emergency services, to sports clubs, pubs and supermarkets.

Be the One – the campaign
Be the One – to talk / listen / care

Every single life lost to suicide is one too many. That is why the campaign focuses on individuals – the one – and the steps they can take to help reverse the trend in Rotherham. It demonstrates that the simple acts of talking, listening and caring can prevent a person from taking, or attempting to take, their own life.

A suite of assets with the ‘Be the One’ branding has been prepared following insight gathered locally. It is our aim that these assets will be used by your organisation in support of the campaign.

The launch: World Suicide Prevention Day, Tuesday 10th September 2019.

What do we need from you?

  • Raise awareness and support for the campaign within your organisation, for example this may include hosting our messages on your platforms.
  • Sharing the link to the toolkit
  • Keep your ear to the ground – let us know informally what you are hearing on your patch about the campaign via email to:


A dedicated website for the campaign is now live – The website is a touchpoint for individuals to engage with the campaign. It is aimed at people who are experiencing suicidal thoughts, people who are concerned for somebody, organisations who want to find out more about suicide prevention and for signposting people to mental health and wellbeing support services. The website also hosts a toolkit for your organisation to get involved and become a Be the One champion.

Twitter and Facebook

Dedicated Twitter and Facebook accounts (betheonerotherham) have been set up in readiness for us to post about the campaign. Our planned activity will commence on Tuesday 10th September. Please follow the campaign and retweet in support.

Campaign video

Click here to view the video


You can contact the project team with any queries about the campaign:

Thank you in advance for your support with this campaign.