Supporting our communities’ grants (COMF)

12th January 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted and will continue to impact upon our communities and our voluntary and community organisations in a number of ways. The Government’s Department of Health and Social Care have released Contain Outbreak Management funding to local authorities in England.

Voluntary Action Rotherham are administering a proportion of this fund, on behalf of RMBC, in the form of small grants to organisations in order to support a programme of activity with focus on supporting those coming out of shielding, bringing back community infrastructure lost due to Covid-19 and supporting reduced social isolation, linking into and complementing existing public health programmes and activity.

Funding Criteria

The scope of applications supported will include, but not be limited to:

  • Support to implement the community buildings guidance for Covid19 safe operation
  • ICT to assist with hybrid meetings and activities
  • Wi-Fi in non-Council owned community buildings
  • Mental Health First Aid/Mental Health literacy/Suicide prevention
  • Supporting children, young people and families; older people and other identified vulnerable / priority groups
  • Befriending and support for vulnerable and shielded people to access activities

Organisations applying for funding must demonstrate the need for the funding in order to meet the aims of the fund and state what difference the funding will make to Rotherham residents.

We welcome applications for grants from organisations to respond to the impact of COVID 19 within, but not limited to, the scope as above.

To qualify for a grant, you need to

  • Be a faith, voluntary or community group (providing services in Rotherham)
  • Have your own constitution and or governing document
  • Have a bank account in the name of the group / organisation applying
  • Keep accounts of how the grant is spent (which needs to be spent by 31st August 2022) and produce evidence of expenditure/accompanying narrative/monitoring information including outputs/outcomes/beneficiaries (including anonymised equalities data re: ethnicity, gender and where available disability)
  • Have relevant insurances in place
  • Have required policies in place (e.g. Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities and Safeguarding)

Amount of funding available

The amount of funding received by the Local Authority is a one-off amount and is not continuous funding. The grants administered by VAR will need to be spent by 31st August 2022.

Grants will be given up to a maximum of £5000.

There will be a Service Level / Grant agreement with successful applicants who will be required to provide evidence of expenditure and accompanying narrative/ monitoring information including outputs/outcomes/beneficiaries (including anonymised equalities data re:  ethnicity, gender and where available disability) to Voluntary Action Rotherham which will be shared with RMBC and potentially the Government Department of Health and Social Care.

A panel consisting of VCS staff both internal and external to VAR will assess applicants to the grant re: impact and suitability and agree grant distribution accordingly. The closing date for applicants for this round of COMF funding is 28th January 2022. Please complete the application form below and submit to:

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